How to Choose Hydraulic Wrench ?

    Because of the current widening of global commerce, it is not very difficult to find high-strength materials. However, in order to further improve the strength, it is necessary to adopt heat treatment and surface treatment, and it is hoped that the strength of the components will reach 1000 MPa or more and will not be disordered. The average strength of the material strength is also extremely high. At present, it is difficult for domestic enterprises to achieve the strength of the internal parts of the hydraulic square drive wrench of 1000 MPa or more. Even if it can be achieved individually, it is difficult to achieve batch non-disorder. It is also necessary to learn from similar foreign products. In a long period of time, more manpower and capital are invested, and more trials and experiments are conducted on materials and heat treatment. The following small series will take you to understand the hydraulic wrench!

    There are generally several specifications, such as M36, M42, M48. If you don't say how big the nut is, it is on the opposite side of the metric bolt and nut pair. The M36 is 55 on the opposite side of the nut, M42 is 65, and M48 is 75. If the span of the bolt is too large and the torque span is large, it is necessary to use two types of wrenches to pre-tighten these bolts. The bolt specifications and bolt strength grades are the most critical parameters for the selection of hydraulic torque wrenches. The bolts are different and the torques are different. The same bolt strength grades have different torques. The same bolt strength grade and different working conditions have different torques. The bolt torque on equipment and chemical equipment is not the same, the general design drawings will give the torque.

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