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  • Russian Customers Visit Jingke Factory for Hydraulic Wrench

Russian Customers Visit Jingke Factory for Hydraulic Wrench

Today, Russian customers visit Jingke Factory.

hydraulic wrenchbolt tensioner

PLC lifting systemhydraulic wrench

Before the customer's visit, they had communicated with the foreign trade manager about hydraulic wrenches and bolt tensioners in detail, and our professionalism and product videos deeply attracted them. During their visit, the customer got detailed knowledge of the hydraulic wrench, bolt tensioner, hydraulic pump and PLC jacking system in our workshop, especially the products to be purchased in the future. The technical staff demonstrated the products' workflow and effects specifically for them. Cooperation is pleasantly reached.

Jingke Hydraulics has been focusing on providing bolt solutions for customers for more than 20 years, and continuously develops and manufactures diversified products. We believe that there is always a product suitable for you.

Our advantages:

1. High-tech enterprise

2. Multiple patents

3. ISO and CE certification

4. Super long warranty

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