How to Use Hydraulic Wrench

The function of the line control switch button: press the (RUN) button to push the cylinder; release the button and the cylinder is actively reset. Press the (STOP) button and the pump stops.

1. Before starting the hydraulic pump, first open (unscrew) the pressure regulating valve, then turn on the power (ON), check whether the hydraulic pump works normally; then click the wire control button several times, work for a few minutes, adjust the pressure to the required Preset pressure value. The extra pressure is 70Mpa.

2. When adjusting the pressure, press the remote control button. When you hear the wrench “click”, the quick release lever will jump down, the wrench will stop rolling in place, the pressure gauge will rise rapidly from 0, and the other hand will slowly adjust the pressure regulating valve upwards. It can be locked with a lock nut.

3. Empty work, put the hydraulic wrench on the ground, press the (RUN) button, the wrench starts to roll, when you hear the wrench "beep", the wrench stops in place; at this moment, the wrench is released, the wrench is actively reset, when the wrench is heard again The "Snapped" sound is reset. Namely: RUN - push - Snapped - loose hands - reset - Snapped. Repeat the work cycle for several times. When investigating that the wrench rolls are not abnormal, you can put the wrench on the nut to work.

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