Are You Really Using the Right Hydraulic Torque Wrench

hydraulic Bolt torque wrench

When installing carbon fiber parts and lightweight parts, the degree of fastness and evenness of screws is particularly important, and the index of these two elements is the torque at the time of installation.In the correct torque range, both can clamp parts, and prevent sliding teeth or damage.Therefore, torque wrench has become a necessary tool in the car shop and professional car, what should we pay attention to in use?

Strictly speaking, torque wrench is a kind of measuring instrument.In particular, the commonly used mechanical preset torque wrench in the industry can only be used to determine the torque when tightening the screws, and can never be used as a disassembly tool to loosen the screws that have been tightened.The preset torque wrench is usually used in one direction. When tightening the screw clockwise and reaching the preset torque, the connecting rod is pushed to produce instantaneous disconnection effect and prompt sound.Although the dial of the ratchet can be switched to operate counterclockwise, it can only be used to unscrew a screw that has come loose

Its principle is that the screw fastening condition of static friction force is greater than the dynamic friction of loose condition, especially the screw to install after a period of time, when needed to loosen the screw torque than tighten torque (1.5 times), reverse use wrench internal leverage jammed easily, cause is not prompt, when using the irreversible damage.

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