Jingke Hydraulic Tensioner

In recent years, with the machinery industry is more and more toward electrification, intelligence, automation, digital development, with the improvement of industrial pack bolt tensile requirements, the torque calculation force already cannot satisfy the accuracy requirement, bolt tensioning bolt of different types of equipment widely used in all walks of life open lock, for customers to solve numerous problems in the field of the lock down the bolt, the practice proves that the bolt stretcher meets the requirements of customers of different working conditions


Jingke bolt tensioner has the advantages of simple operation, small size, light weight, uniform tensile force output, high precision (and can be more than one at the same time pre-tightening, long life, less maintenance and so on. The maximum working pressure of Jingke hydraulic bolt tensioners are 150 Mpa, simple, fast and accurate, with no torque design, avoid friction and screw the distortion factors affecting bolt pre-tightening force, cause the fastening screw only pure tension operation, especially suitable for heavy load and the mechanical vibration of fastening equipment, with a schedule lines, allows operation in the process of observation, measurement, control screw stretching quantity, etc.Optional safety cover, swivel nut sleeve with spring, nickel plated finish, distributor connector, bolt extension measuring rod.Can be applied to a variety of engineering use.It has been successfully applied in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, mining, cement, transportation, machinery, military industry and other industries.And has become one of the indispensable advanced automation tools in the machinery industry.At present, hydraulic bolt stretcher technology has been mature at home and abroad, and has a unified standard.

Multi Acting Bolt Tensioner

Bolt Tensioner

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