New Hydraulic Torque Wrench

MXTD Driving Hydraulic Torque Wrenches 

1. More than a decade of experience in developing the techniques and

technology to craft a top of the line tool

2. Combined modern-fashionable industrial, streamline-shaped and rigidsolid design

3. Maximum working pressure 70 Mpa

4. Covers all types in the market, 11 types including a torque ranges of 185 Nm to70,315 Nm, Offers the fullest coverage of bolts

5. MXTD series has a maximum torque of150,000 Nm

6. Generates constant torque, accurate to±3%

7. Drive shaft has multiple customization options

8. MXTD is customizable to anti-torque force arm according to on-site space

The MXTD series of professional

hydraulic torque wrenches, were primarilydesigned by DERGIN to meet and exceedinternational standards. They are made of a Ti-Al alloy, an aircraft-grade material that is light-weight and high-strength.The MXTD series includes 11 types that range from 185-70,315 Nm. They are full specification torque wrenches extendable to 150,000 Nm of maximum torque. Moreover,the fullest bolt coverage demonstrates DERGIN’s years of commitment to the principles of high quality and improvement focused on the bolt fixing industry.DERGIN has a complete catalogue of with a tool to solve nearly any problem and has been granted European Union Certification

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